Los Rancheros


7960 Moffett Rd . Semmes, AL 36575

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Mexican Food, the Traditional Way

Traditional Mexican Food from family recipes and a full bar.

Mexican Recipes pass down in families, they are a tradition, and we have tested and perfected them for over 20 years. The resulting flavors is what we offer.

A surprisingly large menu with a wide variety of dishes cover almost all Mexican food from different regions. We invite you to come and explore the different ingredients, spices, and find your preferred ones.

We never stop paying attention to all aspects of food creation, always going back to our Mexican roots for the true Mexican food characteristics.

Our Bar has all the spirits and ingredients to create from the traditional Mexican Margarita to Pinas Coladas and to almost any drink you may desire. It's a great place to have a conversation and meet people while trying some typical Mexican appetizers.